Professional Benefits

Sign-On Bonus
Professional Liability Insurance
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance
401K Retirement Plan
Direct Check Deposit
Professional Development Workshops w/CEU’s
Worker’s Compensation
Medical Insurance
Life Insurance
Medical Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan
Credit Union Membership
Continuing Education Allowance
Salary Differentials
Employee Business Expense Reimbursement Plan

Professional Liability
EASi provides liability coverage for all employees up to $1,000,000 per claim at no cost to the employee.

Health Insurance EASi provides group health insurance through New Mexico Health Connections. Easi pays one half of the employee’s premium. Spouse, domestic partner and dependent coverage is available at full cost.

Dental Insurance
EASi offers Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico and pays 1/2 of employee’s premium.

Vision Insurance
EASi offers Vision Insurance through Davis Vision.

Life Insurance
A $20.000 group term life insurance policy is available to employees. EASi pays one half the premium.

Long Term Disability
This coverage affords a guaranteed income until retirement age in the amount of 60% (not to exceed $5,000 per month) of the employee’s salary from EASi if the employee is disabled.

Medical/Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan
Employees may specify certain costs with pre-tax dollars, such as insurance premiums, un-reimbursed medical expenses, child care payments. This can result in a significant tax savings.

Employee Expense Reimbursement Plan
We offer our employees the opportunity to cover their business expenses with pre-tax dollars. The intention is to reimburse employees for 100% of all appropriate business expenses, not to exceed $6000 per year.

401K Retirement Plan
If you contribute to a 401K, your federal and state taxes are taken out of your wages only after your 401K money has been taken out. This makes your taxable income, and as a result, your taxes, significantly lower. You then pay taxes on your 401K monies when you draw it out during retirement.

Continuing Education
EASi provides an annual continuing education allowance to be used for professional development, books, travel, cost of workshops, licensee fees.

Professional Development Workshops
EASi sponsors many professional development workshops with continuing education units which you can use toward your license maintenance. These are usually free to staff who work at least half time. The workshop fees are pro-rated for hourly staff.

Sign-on Bonus
All full and half time employees receive a sign-on bonus. Currently the minimum is $1,000, but it is often more depending upon work site location and professional need in a specific area.

Salary Differentials
School salaries include differentials for experience, advanced training, bilingualism, and difficult to fill locations.

Personal Benefits

* Know that you are always supported by a team of supervisors and mentors who are available at all times by phone, email, or on-site.

* Live and work in any part of New Mexico.

* Receive travel incentives.

* Work full or part-time with benefits, or work hourly.

* Create your own schedule.

* Know that you are always in the loop by reading our monthly newsletter, checking our listservs and browsing our Members Only section of the website.

* Use our lending library of clinical/professional books, tapes, and videos.

* All test kits and protocols are provided and are free.

* Use our ABQ staff office – equipped with desks, phones, computers and printers. Copy machine and fax are also available for your use.

* Professional development workshops (with CEU’s) hosted by EASi are usually free or discounted to EASi staff.

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